Daniel R Reynolds


I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Southern Methodist University.  Prior to joining SMU in 2008, I held postdoctoral research positions in the Department of Mathematics and the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences at the University of California, San Diego (2005-2008), and in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2003-2005).  I received a PhD in Computational and Applied Mathematics from Rice University in 2003, and a BA in Mathematics from Southwestern University in 1998.

Current Research Group

Ting Yan

Dissertation topic: Advection-reaction-diffusion model of drug concentration in a lymph node

MS (2017): Computational and Applied Mathematics, Southern Methodist University

BS (2013): Information and Computing Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China (UTC)

Hometown: Gansu Lanzhou, China

Rujeko Chinomona

Dissertation topic: Implicit-explicit multirate infinitesimal methods

MA (2016): Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University

Dissertation: Black oil simulation utilizing a central finite volume scheme

BS (2014): Mathematics and Physics, Georgia College

Hometown: Mutoko, Zimbabwe

Research Group Alumni

Jean Sexton

PhD student (graduated 2017)

Dissertation: High-order relaxed multirate infinitesimal step methods for multiphysics applications

David Gardner

PhD student (graduated 2014)

Dissertation: Filters for the improvement of multiscale data from atomistic simulations

Hilari Tiedeman

PhD student (graduated 2012)

Dissertation: Multilevel Schur complement preconditioning for multiphysics simulations

Vu Thai Luan

Postdoctoral researcher (2017-2019)

Aleena Taufiq

Undergraduate researcher (graduated 2018)

Micah Thornton

Undergraduate researcher (graduated 2017)

Nicholas Saulnier

Undergraduate researcher (graduated 2015)

Samuel White

Undergraduate researcher (graduated 2013)

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